Custom Lightboxes

  • lightbox-trigger
  • lightbox-content


  1. Add lightbox-trigger to the Module’s CSS Classes Box. For example, a button module.
  2. Add lightbox-content to the Section’s CSS Classes box, Row’s CSS Classes box, or Module’s CSS Classes box.

For Multiple Lightboxes on the same page

  • lightbox-trigger-<value>
  • lightbox-content-<value>

You can replace <value> with anything. The trigger will find the content that has the same value.

Note: The lightbox content must be on the page in order to appear in the lightbox. It will be hidden until triggered.


Trigger the Lightbox with any link


<a href=”#” class=”lightbox-trigger”>Click Here</a>

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This is an example of using an image as a lightbox trigger.

To modify the color of the Close (X) icon in the lightbox, add and modify the following CSS variable:


Change the color of the lightbox background by adding this CSS variable to the Main Element CSS of the lightbox-content element: