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“This is like the Swiss Army Knife of Divi plugins… There are hover effects and image shapes and text styles and so much more, and every feature and style is so easy to implement.”

~ Stella

Frequently Asked Questions

Divi Hacks Lite vs. Pro



Free Updates


Sticky Element

Force Footer to Bottom

Mobile Header Styles

Swap RSS Icon with Instagram Icon

Instagram Filters

Instagram Icon Gradient

Elegant Sidebar Shadow

Edit in Visual Builder Links

Duplicate Posts

Mobile Headers

Divi Theme Options Tweaks

Better Visual Builder Module Hover

Add Quick Links to Admin Bar

Mobile-friendly Backend Builder

Shape Dividers on any Element

Customizable Responsive Tables

Admin Dashboard Custom CSS

Shortcodes in Menus

White Label

Device-Specific Alignment

Reveal Footer Effect

Custom Tab Alignment

Custom 404 Page

Custom Login Page

Custom Coming Soon Page

Current User Meta Shortcodes

Lightbox Anything

Vertically Centered Alignment

Full Height Element

Text Styles

Circle Blurb

Heading Banner

Event Box


Blog Styles

Menu Animations

Element Shadows

SVG Uploads

Parallax Overlays

Blur Backgrounds

Custom Row Layouts

Additional Mobile Menus

Reverse Columns on Mobile

Module Shapes

Image Shapes

Blurb Effects

Hide/Show Content

Modules Inside Modules

Collapse Mobile Submenus

Device-Specific Classes

Section Divider Shadows

Columns in Menu Dropdowns

Font Awesome Icons in Menu

Extended Theme Customizer

Hide Headers, Logo, Footer Page-by-Page

Can I try it before I buy it?
Yes! We encourage you to take a test drive of the plugin so you can test out the features before buying it.

How to upgrades work?
If you want to upgrade your license, contact us and we will prorate your upgrade based on what you already paid for your license.

How often are updates?

We update the Divi Hacks Pro plugin every 1-2 months with new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

The Divi Hacks Lite plugin is updated regularly for security checks and maintenance but new features don’t get added very often.

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HUNDREDS of light-weight hacks that improve your Divi editing experience!

Customer Reviews

8 reviews for Divi Hacks

  1. Avatar

    contacto (verified owner)

    Saw the cool kids on the FB group saying this is a “must have” so i came to buy it. Funny thing is that i had already buy it… but i can´t remember when and how lol Late work nights are worse than drugs, we must stay away! I am so happy that i got this gift for me and actually got to surprise myself.

  2. Avatar


    All that I can say is: “This is the definitive plugin. The AIO (All In One), the first aid kit. All that you need is in this plugin.
    Don’t search anything else, this weapon have all.

  3. Avatar


    I bought this little plugin for one job I was having a hard time with. I will now be using this on every one of my Divi sites! The support is amazing, very timely and above & beyond helpful. So many great things I can do without ever coding. Thanks for the great plugin!

  4. Avatar


    I was questioning whether or not to purchase the Divi Hacks Plugin for the menu feature, but it was a good buy for the price. It’s allowed me to change up my sites to stop them all looking to similar.

  5. Avatar


    This is like the Swiss Army Knife of Divi plugins. It has so many diverse and extremely useful features. I no longer have to remember to add my own JS to make my footer sticky on shorter pages. I don’t need to add CSS to make an element take up the entire viewport height. This plugin will even take care of stack order on mobile devices. There are hover effects and image shapes and text styles and so much more, and every feature and style is so easy to implement. Plus Divi Hacks has an amazing dashboard. Get… this… plugin… now… while it’s on sale!

  6. Avatar


    Great plugin! It has a ton of extras to style your Divi website.
    I like the Visual Builder features the most. It performs way better with this plugin. It was great to be of help testing and improving the plugin before its release. Hope you can add more features in the future like I suggested during testing. ;) Christian, France

  7. Avatar


    This plugin has made it so much easier for me as a Divi web designer. The visual inline editor hack is a MUST HAVE that I wish ET would include natively in the theme. If you spend a lot of time using Divi, I highly recommend this plugin.

  8. Avatar

    harsh18devsharma (verified owner)

    Really enjoyed using the plugin, this plugin has made making websites using Divi more interesting. Highly recommend to purchase the license for this plugin. Thanks :-)

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