Save Divi Form Submissions to Google Sheets using Zapier [VIDEO]

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Are you ready to unlock a whole new world inside the divi contact form? Well, technically, it’s not inside the contact form. It’s actually not inside Divi at all! Today, I’m going to walk you through how to save Divi form submissions using a third-party website/service called Zapier.

In a Nutshell:

One of the coolest features that comes with the Divi theme and Divi Builder plugin is the contact form module.  This module allows you to create unlimited forms for various reasons throughout your website. However, one of the biggest downfalls with using the Divi contact form is that it doesn’t save submissions anywhere. But, it does send an email with the form submission to a chosen email address (or more). So, in today’s video tutorial, I will walk you through how to send form submissions to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets using Zapier.

To Save Divi Form Submissions, you will need:

  • Google account (free)
  • Zapier account (free)
  • Divi Theme or Divi Page Builder plugin

Possibilities are endless!

Once you’ve learned how to save Divi form submissions in Google Sheets, you’ll see how easy it is to use Divi contact forms and Zapier to send data pretty much anywhere online! Here are some examples:
  • Post to facebook or twitter using a contact form
  • Subscribe an email address to your mailing list
  • Create a spreadsheet of signups or registrations
  • Send a reply email to the user after they submit the form
Play the video tutorial below and follow along in a different browser/window/tab. It should take you no longer than 15 minutes to set this up. Make sure you are using a mail sending plugin like Mailjet to ensure all form emails are being sent. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment if you have questions! Enjoy!
Save Divi Form Submissions


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  1. Ferenc


    Thanks for this tutorial. It was just in time, I planned to google it tommorow…
    Super detailed and clear.


    • Charlie Wedel

      Thanks Ferenc. Glad you like it. :)

  2. Michael

    Totally Fawesome integration of toolbox items. Dang.

    I have a client that although they receive an email for each submission made to, in our case a gravity form, they wish to receive a spreadsheet report of submissions Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

    The insight in this post will negate the need for myself or an associate to grab that report. Once we share this google sheet with them, they’ll always have up to the minute report.

    Again, fawesome introduction to this marriage of forms to a spreadsheet.

    Look for some more coffee funds coming your way.

    Your homey, hailing from southwest Ohio,

    — Michael

    • Charlie Wedel

      Thanks Michael! Cheers!

  3. Danny

    Perfect and will try this later for some travel leads I’m supplying!

  4. João Newton

    Awesome tutorial! Works perfectly! Thank you, a lot.

  5. Luis

    Great! Thank you so much!

  6. Quentin

    Zapier looks a bit different but still working grate, thanks a lot, very clear

  7. Ines

    You really made my day with this tutorial! Works like a charm :-) Thank you very much!


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