By default, the Instagram icon has a solid red-ish pink background, but it still isn’t the background that we’re used to seeing, so you may be losing out on new followers because they don’t recognize the instagram icon immediately.

This little bit of CSS changes the default background color of the Instagram icon in the Social Media Follow module.

❶   Copy the code below into your Custom CSS box.

/****** New Instagram Gradient *******/

.et_pb_module .et-social-instagram a.icon {
background: #d6249f;
background: radial-gradient(circle at 30% 107%, #fdf497 0%, #fdf497 5%, #fd5949 45%,#d6249f 60%,#285AEB 90%);

Done! Go back and refresh the page and you should now see the new updated instgram icon background.

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