Blog Grid Corner Shadows

This is a simple hack that adds a zoom or grow animation to blog posts in the grid layout.  It also gives the posts corner shadows.

Save Divi Form Submissions to Google Sheets using Zapier [VIDEO]

One of the coolest features that comes with the Divi theme and Divi Builder plugin is the contact form module.  One of the biggest downfalls with using the Divi contact form is that it doesn’t save submissions anywhere. But, it does send an email with the form submission to a chosen email address (or more). So, in today’s video tutorial, I will walk you through how to send form submissions to a spreadsheet in Google Sheets using Zapier.

Version 1.8 released ➕15% off

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the USA! We’re celebrating with a 30% off sale until July 5th. Plus, I’m excited to include some awesome new hacks in today’s update! Custom 404, login, and coming soon pages, and more!

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